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Background group
Alias エグ、EX
Genre J-POP
Years_active 2001年 -
Label rhythmzone
Production LDH (芸能プロダクション) LDH
Current_members ヴォーカルATSUSHITAKAHIRO
Past_members SHUN(ヴォーカル - 2006年)

EXILE 最新ニュース

取得時間:2019/06/16 12:01

In Exile on His Home Turf, Michel Platini Runs Out the Clock on His Ban The New York Times
  The Women's World Cup is the latest major event in France to turn its back on Michel Platini, who was barred from soccer after the 2015 FIFA scandal.

Beer from this Des Moines brewery is the first official craft beer of the Iowa State Fair Des Moines Register
  The gold lager from this popular Des Moines brewery has been announced as the first official craft beer in the history of the Iowa State Fair.

Taiwanese supermodel Lin Chi-ling marries Exile dancer Akira Kyodo News Plus
  Taiwanese supermodel and actress Lin Chi-ling and Akira, a member of J-pop group Exile, have married.

Chapter III: The Exile Hawaii News Now
  Ferdinand Marcos' 21-year reign came crashing down when he fled the country under the cover of night on Feb. 25, 1986.

'Reflections On A Life In Exile': Wisconsin Writer's New Book Features Series Of Essays WUWM
  Wisconsin writer J.F. Riordan set her series of novels on remote Washington Island, just off the tip of Door County. It's a place that locals refer to as.

Uber Rival Bolt Relaunches in London After Two Years in Exile Bloomberg
  Uber Technologies Inc. rival Bolt, formerly known as Taxify, has relaunched in London -- nearly two years after its operating license was revoked by the city's ...

WATCH: HNN digital documentary, ‘Imelda & Ferdinand: Exile In Hawaii’ Hawaii News Now
  HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - More than 30 years ago, Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos were ousted from power in the Philippines and landed in ...

Exile: Data Dump Shows More Russian Political Meddling VOA News
  A prominent exiled Russian opposition figure says recently leaked documents show Russian meddling in U.S. affairs was more sophisticated, ambitious and ...

Path of Exile: Legion New Season Live, Melee Overhaul Implemented Player.One
  Path of Exile has just dropped the version 3.7.0 update, Legion, which brings with it some interesting new changes and challenges. In addition to the new ...

The Tragic Reason Why Nick Jonas Was Afraid His Brothers Would Exile Him Forever Showbiz Cheat Sheet
  In 2013 the famed Jonas Brothers broke up. Why did Nick Jonas think his decision to split up the band would exile him forever?

Thai musicians in exile for their songs fear for their lives Washington Post
  A group of Thai musicians is living in Laos in daily fear of abduction and murder by people they believe want to eliminate them for songs seen as disrespectful ...

In fear for their lives, activist Thai band lives in exile Washington Post
  A group of Thai musicians is living in Laos in daily fear of abduction and murder by people they believe want to eliminate them for songs seen as disrespectful ...

Yazidi farmers return home to cultivate farmland after years in exile PRI
  Some Yazidi families are returning to their regional homeland to revitalize their fields after five years of displacement and exile when ISIS destroyed their homes ...

Path of Exile's melee overhaul is finally here PC Gamer
  Path of Exile's Legion update is here, and it has some of the longest patch notes I've ever seen. The two most important changes are, firstly, that it adds a new ...

Exile on Prospect Avenue with Dream Syndicate and Eleventh Dream Day Shepherd Express
  The Dream Syndicate and Eleventh Dream Day performed in Colectivo's Back Room and brought back alt-rock classics.

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Life in Exile: The Once-Powerful Political Couple Now Seeks Attention, Audience Newsweek
  Now on the sidelines, the Clintons offer cut-rate speaking tours and muse about what might have been.

Syrian Restaurants in Armenia: A Pinch of Home, A Taste of Exile The Armenian Mirror-Spectator
  Yerevan: From Culinary Desert to Oasis. The first time I visited Yerevan was for the fieldwork for my Ph.D. research in the summer of 2006, when I took the ...

‘Path of Exile’ Legion Expansion Allows Players to Fight 5 Ancient Legions With Reworked Melee Combat Newsweek
  Players will be able to face off against five ancient armies in the new “Path of Exile” Legion expansion.

This activist Thai band is living in exile: 'We are really in danger' New York Post
  They are members of a folk music group living communally in the Southeast Asian nation of Laos, but they are in fear for their lives.

Transmissions ? Someoddpilot x DJs in Exile @ Public Works Gallery thirdcoastreview.com
  WHAT: A mind altering cosmic experience that you need to experience. SO WHAT: This interactive galley exhibit was birthed from the minds of a talented group ...

Back from Exile Block Party Philadelphia Style Magazine
  On June 8, 2019, nonprofit theater company Theatre Exile celebrated it's return to South Philadelphia with a free block party at 13th and Reed streets.

Obama playing dictator-in-exile from a kingly south of France palace? American Thinker
  President Obama is living the life of a former king, vacationing these days at a palatial estate in the south of France. At what point has he made enough? Silly us ...

Sudanese Rebel Leader, Recently Returned from Exile, Arrested in Khartoum VOA News
  A Sudanese rebel leader who returned to Khartoum last week after years in exile has been arrested by the ruling military council. A family member of Yasir ...

Origin exile to end among Blues shocks Noosa News
  NSW are set to end the State of Origin exile of Mitchell Pearce as well as hand Daniel Saifiti a maiden jersey as the Blues attempt to even up the series.

‘Out Of Exile’: How Audioslave “Demolished The Rock’n’Roll Blockade” uDiscover Music
  A natural progression from their debut album, 'Out Of Exile' proved that Audioslave were committed to evolving rock music right up until the very end.

'Grief in Exile' Marks a New High in Mariee Sioux's Enchanting, Imaginative Folk Music PopMatters
  Folk artist Mariee Sioux blurs the lines between waking and sleeping as smoothly as the twilight, and Grief in Exile engages the senses, the imagination, and the ...

After losing $1 bn, this Russian exile is now selling Bond’s favourite bubbly to Beckham, Wahlberg Economic Times
  Evgeny Chichvarkin has now turned Mayfair's gastronomic king.

Circassian community remembers exile from Caucasus 155 years on Daily Sabah
  The Circassian community of Turkey marked its 155th anniversary of expulsion from their homeland in the Caucasus by the Russian Empire in what amounted to ...

Prominent Congolese politician Katumbi returns from exile Fox News
  A prominent Congolese businessman and onetime presidential hopeful has returned home after three years in political exile.

Marshallese-Americans commemorate 73 years in exile Hyphen Magazine
  On March 1, 1954, John Anjain was awakened by a deafening boom. When he ran outside of his house to investigate, he was greeted by a kaleidoscope sky: ...

As an Iranian American journalist in exile, I'm used to online attacks. But I didn't expect the State Department to fund them The Independent
  I recently found out that I am being smeared through an operation funded by the US Department of State. The “Iran Disinformation Project” launched in 2018 with ...

The struggle of Nicaraguan opposition journalists in exile CNA
  Jazmin Garavito, producer of the Nicaragua Actual news program, prepares a meal from the kitchen in the crowded apartment where she and her family live and ...

Black Panthers, revolution and then exile: an American's time in Algeria The National
  In 1969, Eldridge Cleaver, a leader of the Black Panther Party, fled murder charges in the US and ended up in Algiers ? not an unusual place for radical activists ...

Profiles of young Americans who entered voluntary exile rather than paying their student loans Boing Boing
  CNBC profiles a small handful of young Americans who have moved abroad and ceased payments on their student debt, relying on international borders to ...

Where in the World is Jussie Smollett? Actor in Exile as Chicago Case Files Go Public Newsweek
  Jussie Smollett's 264-page case file was released by authorities in Chicago on Friday, and as its pages become publicly available, he is nowhere to be found.

Path Of Exile launches the Legion league and a full melee overhaul Rock Paper Shotgun
  Path Of Exile players that like to hit monsters with swords should be happy today. As well as a new league, everyone's getting a massive overhaul to melee.

Zuleikha by Guzel Yakhina ? freedom in exile Financial Times
  Guzel Yakhina's grandmother lived through Stalin's Great Purge, the Great Terror that sent hundreds of thousands of Russians into imprisonment and exile.

The Iraqi Road to Exile: Koutaiba Al-Janabi's 30 Years from Home The Platform
   / “All roads take me into exile, all roads take me away from Baghdad. I am looking for the borders of countries and stories of passers through.

Thai exiles in fear after murders and disappearances Reuters
  BANGKOK () - When members of the exiled Thai protest band Faiyen learned that the concrete-stuffed bodies of two Thai activists who had disappeared ...

Mariee Sioux to debut 'Grief in Exile' in Bolinas The Bay Bridged
  Mariee Sioux, whose folk songs are interwoven with haunting flutes and intricate guitar work, releases her latest album, Grief in Exile, on Night Bloom Records ...

Opinion: A Burmese king in an Indian exile Livemint
  King Thibaw of Ava came to power through palace intrigue and lost it a few years later after a hopeless war against the British.He spent the last 30 years of his ...

Video: Designing Path of Exile to be played forever Gamasutra
  In this GDC 2019 talk, Grinding Gears' Chris Wilson explains how Path of Exile is designed to retain and grow its community for the very long term.

'Zainichi Literature' review: What is the nature of exile? The Japan Times
  A product of postwar Japan and virtually unknown internationally, Zainichi literature often explores the nature of exile and the conflict of identity between homes.

The Exile of Jean Baptiste Salt Lake Magazine
  In the late 1850s a man named Jean Baptiste drifted into Salt Lake City. The immigrant found a job as the city's gravedigger. In 1862, a flap over the body of a ...

Path Of Exile's Legion Update Will Revamp Combat And Set The Stage For The Future GameSpot
  The free-to-play action-RPG's next expansion for PC, PS4, and Xbox One will make some big changes to the flow of combat.

Musicians In Exile: Meet Britain’s most unorthodox band, made up of asylum seekers and refugees iNews
  Musicians In Exile is perhaps the UK's most unorthodox ensemble, made up entirely of asylum seekers and refugees.

Exile Brewing and Uinta Brewing Collaborate on Brut IPA Brewbound.com
  DES MOINES, Iowa ? Exile Brewing (Des Moines, IA) and Uinta Brewing (Salt Lake City, UT) announce Backcountry Brut, a collaboration double brut IPA ...

Path of Exile: Legion Launches Today for PC Players MMORPG.com
  Path of Exile players are priming their gear and getting ready to take off for the next league that arrives later today. The Legion *content* expansion launches today ...

It's Not Easy Being a Blues Fan in Exile, 1,700 Miles from St. Louis Riverfront Times
  Of all the teams I have ever followed, only one has failed to deliver a championship. To be a fan of the Blues has been to be in constant and numb pain, decades ...

After Losing $1 Billion, a Russian Exile Rebounds With Bond’s Favorite Bubbly Yahoo Finance
  (Bloomberg) -- Evgeny Chichvarkin has been many things over the past two decades: a billionaire mobile phone retailer, a jetsetter who plays polo with princes, ...

Blu & Exile True & Livin Exclaim!
  NASCAR isn't a typical touchstone in hip-hop lyrics, to say the least. But leave it to Blu to boldly go outside the box and name-check drive...

Path Of Exile Launches The Legion League With A Full Melee Overhaul TheGamer
  Path of Exile: Legion has officially launched and brings with it one of the largest patches in the history of the game.

Path of Exile: Legion Launchs Today for PC; June 10th on PlayStation?4 and Xbox One GamingLyfe Network
  Grinding Gear Games announced today that the latest expansion to their award-winning RPG, Path of Exile: Legion, will launch today for the PC, with the ...

Euphoria for Dean Smith as Aston Villa end top flight exile The Irish Times
  'It feels right that Villa are in the Premier League, the history and the size of the club'

Path of Exile: Legion Aims to be “Tight, Repeatable, and Rewarding” ? Exclusive Interview Only Single Player
  With the excitement surrounding the upcoming release of Path of Exile: Legion, OnlySP spoke with the game's director, Chris Wilson.

Congo political exiles return as new leader brings reforms Fox News
  KINSHASA, Congo ? Congolese art collector and businessman Sindika Dokolo feared being jailed if he returned to his country as an opponent of the longtime ...

'It was a political lynch mob': Steve King pledges to fight GOP over his exile POLITICO
  Rep. Steve King, hellbent on making a congressional comeback, is vowing to fight the GOP and force his way back on to the committees from which he was ...

30 years in exile: one man's Tiananmen legacy NHK WORLD
  No one truly knows how many were killed when the Chinese government cracked down on pro-democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square in 1989.

Exiled Turkish journalist Can Dundar reunited with family in Germany after 3 years Deutsche Welle
  Can Dundar has been reunited with his family in Berlin after his wife managed to flee Turkey. The well-known journalist has been in living in exile in Germany ...

David Bossie exile from Trumpworld not expected to be permanent Washington Examiner
  President Trump's campaign all but called David Bossie a fraudster in a rare public rebuke. But after weeks out of the spotlight, the informal presidential adviser ...

Bloomberg: After losing $1 billion, a Russian exile shakes up London's wine scene Kyiv Post
  Evgeny Chichvarkin has been many things over the past two decades: a billionaire mobile phone retailer, a jetsetter who plays polo with princes, a wanted man ...

Tonga offers exiled Folau a 2023 World Cup spot KFGO News
  MELBOURNE (Reuters) - Tonga is keen to draft Wallabies exile Israel Folau into its national program with a view to handing him a Rugby World Cup berth in ...

New Conan Exiles Testlive Patch Brings the Warmaker's Sanctuary Dungeon MMORPG.com
  The latest patch has arrived on the Conan Exiles testlive server to allow players to check out some of the upcoming *content*. Most notably, The Warmaker's ...

NBA star Enes Kanter quietly visited exiled cleric's Pocono retreat center The Philadelphia Inquirer
  The Portland Trail Blazers center visited Fethullah G?len on Thursday, according to a close G?len associate.

Pakistani political leader Altaf Hussain 'arrested' in London Aljazeera.com
  Self-exiled MQM leader arrested as part of probe into speeches he made in 2016, say Pakistani media reports.

Soviets joked with Sanders about exile in Siberia during cozy Cold War trip Washington Examiner
  Bernie Sanders partied with Soviet officials during the Cold War, praising the Soviet Union's culture and telling officials that he wished more people in Vermont ...

Youngest Cho sister returns from corporate exile-INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily Korea JoongAng Daily
  Fourteen months after she infamously threw a drink at an employee in a fit of rage, triggering a string of investigations that saw her family accused on charges ...

No invite for Taiwan representative and Tibet’s govt in exile Economic Times
  NEW DELHI: The Tibetan government in exile and Taiwan's Delhi representative have not been invited for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's swearing-in ...

Altaf Hussain: Law finally catches up with 'Don of Karachi' Gulf News
  Altaf Hussain, once the fearsome 'Don of Karachi' again made headlines in the main stream media last week after he was arrested by Scotland Yard during a ...

How to quit bad habits without willpower: 3 secrets from neuroscience Ladders
  Understand what's really driving your behavior and you can really fix your life. Three secrets from neuroscience can help. Got any serious bad habits?

Thai dissidents living in exile fear for their lives after a string of disappearances and murders ABC News
  After a string of disappearances and gory murders, Thai dissident exiles say they're living in fear. A band hiding in Laos has appealed for help, fearing they will ...

Dalai Lama, Tibetan government-in-exile congratulate PM Modi Business Standard
  Read more about on . Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama congratulated ...

‘Spirit and truth: Blu & Exile’s new EP carries message of positivity and strength Albuquerque Journal
  It's a lifestyle he's gotten accustomed to over the past decade. Under his stage name, Exile, he's worked with a few artists as a producer. His latest project is the ...

RWANDA-SOUTH AFRICA: Shooting death of Rwandan exile in Cape Town could be Pandor's first big diplomatic test Daily Maverick
  South Africa's relationship with Rwanda could be tested again after an apparent hijacking-gone-wrong in Cape Town, during which Camir Nkurunziza, ...

Tibetan government in-Exile offers long-life prayer to His Holiness Dalai Lama Tibet Post International
  President Dr Lobsang Sangay, Tibetan Supreme Justice Commissioner and Speaker of Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile greet HIs Holiness the Dalai Lama as he ...

Archbishop who called on pope to resign gives 1st interview since self-imposed exile Chicago Daily Herald
  In the instant he became one of the most controversial figures in modern Catholic Church history, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigan? went dark.

Theatre Exile presents Whisper's Gone Mainline Today
  Go on a top-secret time travel mission with “Whisper's Gone.” Nine-year-old Bailey is enjoying her summer until her older sibling Whisper disappears, throwing ...

World Cup exile Hales will still cheer on England Sportstar
  Alex Hales was on course to feature for World Cup host England until a report in the Guardian newspaper last month revealed he was serving a 21-day ban ...

MORO IN EXILE: Generosity During Ramadan: A Palestinian Example Minda News
  This was 2014. I was on a road trip somewhere between Petra and the Wadi Rum in Jordan. I wanted to explore the countryside, clear my head, and try to figure ...

Path of Exile’s 4.0 Mega Expansion Will ‘Take On’ Diablo 4 PlayStation LifeStyle
  The next Path of Exile mega expansion will bring the title to version 4.0 when it eventually releases, and Grinding Gear Games' lead is already calling out Diablo ...

Project Exile: Turkish journalist lost home and family Global Journalist
  Turkish journalist Arzu Yildiz was forced to flee the country after a 2016 coup attempt. She lost not only her home, but her profession and children.

Ex Georgian pres. Saakashvili returns to Kyiv from exile JAMnews
  "President Zelensky is not a simple guy, he will surprise many," Saakashvili said at the airport upon his return. REUTERS/Gleb Garanich. Former Georgian ...

Benji Marshall could end seven-year Kiwis exile after being named in NZ’s squad to face Tonga Fox Sports
  Benji Marshall could end a seven-year Kiwis exile after he was named in a strong New Zealand Test squad to face Tonga in the Oceania Cup on June 22 at Mt ...

Path of Exile’s New Legion Legion is Live Esports Edition
  Path of Exile Legion league has been out for nearly a week, and it has been an absolute joy to play... minus the many, many bugs that is!

Listen: Blu & Exile ? 'True & Livin' | EP Stream stupidDOPE.com
  The LA duo of Blu and Exile are back! It's been a minute, but the fellas finally return with their highly anticipated new project, 'True & Livin.' The new Ep finds Blu ...

Ashley Jackson: Record scorer back for GB after three-year exile BBC Sport
  Ashley Jackson will make his first appearance for Great Britain since the 2016 Olympics in Friday's match with the Netherlands.

Aston Villa end three-year Premier League exile with deserved play-off final victory over Derby at Wembley The Telegraph
  Even royalty find it nerve-wracking. The Duke of Cambridge ? an Aston Villa fan ? sat with his head in his hands, anxiety etched on his face, the cameras shifting ...

Mitchell Pearce is just 80 minutes from ending 703 day Origin exile Daily Telegraph
  Mitchell Pearce was once told by Johnathan Thurston to get a photo with the statue of Wally Lewis, as that would be the closest hed ever get to holding the State ...

'Outsider' Federer delighted to have ended four-year French Open exile Rappler
  It is as if the Swiss great had never been away as he swept into victory for his 60th successive first round win at a Grand Slam.

Imelda & Ferdinand: Exile In Hawaii Hawaii News Now
  Ferdinand & Imelda Marcos rise to the peak of power and luxury in the Philippines ? at the expense, some would say, of the Filipino people.

I was exiled from Rwanda years ago ? this is what standing up for the rights of my people cost me The Independent
  In June 1994, I witnessed the massacre of three Catholic bishops and a number of priests by soldiers of the Rwandan Patriotic Front. One of those murdered was ...

Hong Kong exile warns of extradition 'death sentence' La Croix International
  . Lam Wing-kee fled after being held by China for eight months for selling books critical of Beijing.

Californian exclusive: Suspended priest Craig Harrison, back from self-exile, formulates his defense The Bakersfield Californian
  "Welcome to the bat cave," Monsignor Craig Harrison's attorney announced. "Look up here."

Electoral Board confirm Catalan separatists will have to break exile to be sworn in ERN English Radio News
   - English Radio NewsThe Electoral Board has confirmed that Catalan separatists who have been elected to the European Parliament must collect their credentials and be sworn in, ...

Review: Blu & Exile Whet Appetites With “True & Livin'” EP HipHopDX
  In the pantheon of Hip Hop duos, Blu & Exile stand amongst the greats with a catalog that manages to get better and better after each listen. In a year that ...

Kashmiri Pandits: A Community in Exile Finds its Voice Through Poetry NewsClick
  In their poetry, the Kashmiri Pandit poets engage with the multitude of experiences which emanate from their exodus and their subsequent life as migrants.

A Gay Russian, Exiled in Ireland The New Yorker
  Vladimir Putin has long used the L.G.B.T.Q. community as a political scapegoat. Masha Gessen talks with an activist targeted by the Russian President's regime.

The Exile Film "Jew S?ss"/"Power" (1934) and the Nazi Propaganda Film "Jud S??" (1940) NY Blueprint
  A screening and talk about how an anti-Nazi film made by German-Jewish exiles was remade by the Nazis as a means to support mass murder, and why the ...

Project Exile: Editor escaped Sri Lanka after husband's murder Global Journalist
  Sonali Samarasinghe's husband was murdered in broad daylight in the Sri Lankan capital in 2009. A decade later, she opens up about her country's impunity ...

Leidy Churchman: Crocodile / Nil Yalter: Exile Is a Hard Job / Acting Out: Works from the Marieluise Hessel Collection Announcements E-Flux
-   E-FluxLeidy Churchman: Crocodile, the most extensive survey of work by Leidy Churchman (b. 1979, Villanova, PA), will illustrate the ideas and drive toward ...


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